Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Month of Pumpkins - Day 21

Thank you to all who have posted. I know people are watching and I know it might be intimidating to post for the first time but if you met me in person, you'd realize how artsy I am meaning quiet and introverted. The comments really do encourage me so please comment. I've jumped in with my give away not knowing how many prints I will make but I will keep my promise. 

This is a trading card. I used to do a lot more, and now that I've been working in larger sizes again, boy, did this feel small. I also used a piece of 300 lb. cold press watercolor paper which I actually hate. LOL. It might even be rough instead of cold or maybe it's just the brand but I really hate it. If I give it another chance, I think I"d soak it in water first. It's like painting on cardboard and the scanner picked up all the ridges in the paper. Enough ranting. I erased the ridges in Photoshop, and here it is. Hope it's not too boring. I needed to do something quick because I teach my watercolor class tonight and I've had a busy day. Guess what we're painting in my class?


Kristin said...

Well it sounds as if the process was painful but the end result was great as usual.

Lee said...

Great little pumpkin!

I'd wager you were painting pumpkin(s) in class :D

AtelierBrigitte said...

The result is great, I can't see the struggle you've had with the paper.

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