Saturday, May 17, 2008

Monet Wannabe

Another day of plein air painting was an opportunity to repaint Marge and then paint Peter. Here's Peter in his Monet hat. We only had about 30-45 minutes after lunch so we had to paint quickly but the results were very satisfying and I'm really starting to appreciate the learning opportunities from being able to paint from life. Go check out Peter's impressionistic painting here.

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Paintings of Painters Painting : Drawings of Draughts-Persons Drawing

Following on from the post Painters, Draughts-Persons & The Educative Value of Demonstrations I thought it'd be fun to gather a few of the images from 'Le Musée Imagainaire' (André Malraux). Images of paintings of painters painting or drawings of draughts-persons drawing. All levels, from genius to absolute beginner. Painting holidays or painting workshops are great occasions to practice this subject.

Do you have an artwork of this type of subject? I'm going to create a static web page for these when I've done a 'round-up'. If you'd like to be included, why not send me a web-ready image (72 dpi 500 pixels largest dimension) (, and I'll include it. It could be fun to get all these images together. Pourquoi pas?

All levels welcome. Preferably your own work. Ongoing Project. Please spread the word & pass on the invitation!
See the growing collection here :
Paintings of Painters Painting : Drawings of Draughts-Persons Drawing

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