Sunday, June 01, 2014

Illustration Friday and New Daily Project

This week's theme for Illustration Friday is "Temptation". It was much easier to come up with something vs. last week's broader topic - Universe. In my pursuit of drawing realistic looking children in an illustrative way, I feel like I'm starting to make progress. I have decided that using reference to get started with the face helps the kids look more human and less cartoony rather than trying to invent something out of my head. I can still do that, but I like the way they look better when I have some kind of reference to start with.

My question to whoever feels like commenting is, do you think the floor looks realistic? The illustration needed something else in the background and I thought this would look nice, not too distracting and add some perspective. My husband thinks it looks like a giant floor and maybe the tiles are a little too big but I did want to emphasize the small child. The cobalt blue table top got lost in my scan so I painted one in with Photoshop.


I have done two monthly projects where I painted daily for one month. In October 2010 I did a daily pumpkin painting/illustration and last August 2013 I did a month of portraits. I've made a bigger commitment this time having joined a group on Facebook who are doing 101 Days of Painting. I know some of them are just doing weekly paintings but the point is doing a project along with a group for support. I'm not going to post every daily painting here on my blog because I will probably forget and honestly I hate bothering people with daily email. If you would like to see them all, I will be posting them on my Facebook page.

I did share this one on Facebook today - Day 1. 

One more thing...I'm going to be sending out my June newsletter this week. If you would like to receive it, please sign up at 

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Joanna said...

I think you got the floor 'spot-on'. Great checkerboard effect - reminds me of a classic, retro kitchen / diner without distracting the eye from the main character's mischief (and the tiles are so neat!) Lovely job :)

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