Friday, May 02, 2014

Illustration Friday "Revenge"

A couple of years ago during a trip back home, I took a bunch of photos of my niece and nephews climbing a tree and lately, I've been thinking about what this illustration is going to look like. Today I think I got a little bit closer with IF's prompt for revenge.


Ces Adorio said...

Every child who can, should at least climb a tree. When I was a kid until I was a teenager, I practically lived hidden and cradled by the tree branches of the trees my mother planted when we moved away from the city to the suburbs. There, I read or just ate the cherries. I realiEd I was no longer a child when I could not climb trees anymore or if I did, I had a difficult time climbing down. This illustration evokes such wonderful memories! Thank you.

Bella Sinclair said...

Hehehe, he's sure having fun! I'm going to have to look up into trees from now on, just to be sure I'm safe. Looks like the kitty and the bird are just as amused as he is. Beautifully painted!

Lisa M Griffin said...

How wonderful and fun. You have truly captured a moment from childhood.