Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Illustration Friday "Asleep"

OK. Illustration "Tuesday" for me this week which is earlier than I usually post and thank you in advance to anyone who stops to see this. I doodled this cat and dog a few weeks ago for another IF topic (which escapes me at the moment) and I was happy to be able to go back to it for this week's topic "Asleep".


Rabbit Town Animator said...

very cute

Carol Blackburn said...

Kathy, this is so adorable. On another note I wanted to tell you I am gettin spam under your name. the email comes is as such:
Kathy Jurek (no subject)-It just works! http://mabsan.com/friends.page.php?xilucky=80op2
I don't know what to do with this except to put it in spam and let you know your email list has been compromised. I would change my email if I were you. Unfortunately now, I am not sure if I can open any of your emails and be safe. :( Makes me sad.

Amberbop said...

Oh wow I like this sooooooooo much. It is totally inspiring and makes me want to live a life of leisure (well, more so).

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