Friday, April 04, 2008

Another Daffodil

"Up Close" 5 x 7
I painted this daffodil with watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper. I randomly cover about 50-75% of the paper with gesso making lots of marks. This makes a very interesting texture when you paint on top of it. I also try to go dark in the background with the first wash because the watercolor doesn't soak in to the gesso so if you go back over it, you will lift paint. This also creates lots of interesting texture possibilities. It's a lot of fun when painting organic subjects. Tuscan Pear is another example of watercolor on gesso. Click here to bid on Ebay.
Childhood Memories Art Show on EBSQArt - I entered my collage piece from Monday into this show. Click here to view it and if you'd like, you can register as a patron and vote for your favorite painting in any show on EBSQArt. (P.S. My piece is on the very last page.)

P.S. Thanks if you voted in the EBSQArt show. My piece won Member's Choice.

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